Missing a few good Zzzzss

Today was a great day.  The weather was perfect.  About 70 degrees, sunny, blue skies…it was Saturday.  We had a relatively good night’s sleep and Jordis woke up about 7.30am, giving me plenty of time to stay in bed before we began our day.

I heard it was cool and gloomy up in Michigan.  One of the reasons we moved away.  Still, all is not perfect.  Didn’t leave the allergies behind…and now Jordis is exhibiting signs, too.

Well, we went out this morning in a group of six and I had a wonderful mid-morning bible discussion with a woman named Charlene.  I’m looking forward to building on that conversation next week.  Glad to meet someone who is not deceived by the persuasive powers of commercialism, materialism or egotism.  Perhaps I’ll make that a point of focus in 2 Cents…

Oh, I just started reviewing photos for the next Photo Break and boy, do I have some beautiful shots.  I told you, life passes by so quickly, you might miss something even if you were there to experience it.  Parks and picnics and lunch dates and dinners and new apartments and ocean views and vacations near Salerno and Napoli… how did I do it all??  and how did it go by so quickly?  In my mind, I’m still there.  I’m still riding my bicycle to my English lessons.  I’m still having piadina with mozzarella and spinach or funghi (mushrooms) for lunch.  I’m still shopping in the piazza on Fridays, the market on Wednesdays and going to LIDL for those must-haves on Thursdays.  At the corner of Via Palazzola is the best gelato shop in Forli, Bio.  Any given night, friends meet there to socialize and have a sweet treat.  I’m standing in line right now for straciatella.  But wait, I can hear cars passing nearby our house outside my window, speeding down the winding road through the North Carolina countryside.  There’s no pizza, no gelato, no piadina, no open market…  and therefore I write… to remember.

So many have asked how I find the time to write this blog.  My schedule has often been ridiculously busy, but now it’s all about Jordis.  Still, I have to fit it in.  Whereas right now, she is sleeping and I should be in the kitchen washing bottles or cleaning up her toys in the bed or getting my clothes together for tomorrow, I am instead pecking away at this computer, staring at an almost empty glass of wine wondering what kind of mood I’ll be in when morning comes and I haven’t slept.  Sleep is the tradeoff.  She’s snoring a bit because of the allergies; so is Michael.  But, me?  I’m typing.  In the morning when everyone is bright-eyed and perky, I’ll be cranky and aching, craving my sleep.

Why is 10.35pm now such a late hour?  How many times have I stayed up ’til daybreak typing out some email or working on my novels?  That was all pre-marriage, pre-Jordis.  Now, 10.35pm is over an hour past my bedtime and I’m actually ready to call it a night.  My eyes are dry, my back aches and I’m hungry.

Hey, speaking of my novels, I’ve got to use this blog as an outlet for creative discussions, too.  Wow!  I think I haven’t really given attention to my writing since summer 2007.  It’s long overdue.

Ok, time to let it go.  Jordis keeps waking up because the light and TV are still on and her head is right near my keyboard.  Priority one: my baby.  Necessary action: go to bed.

Buona notte a tutti!

Jordis’ mom


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46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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