Ancestors, Italy, Nigeria and mystery pain

Two things:

1) I agree with Ratatouille. I think anyone can cook.  Why do people – mostly women – get all stressed out about making a meal?  It really is not that difficult.  Get a skillet, a pot, a slower cooker and a saucepan of high quality and the food just about cooks itself.

2) I want to start giving more attention to my blog as I can.   It’s not easy with Jordis being mobile now and more curious, but I’ve got so many good things going on now and so many delicious & easy recipes to share and I also want to get back into my poetry…  I think having my own showcase here is prime opportunity to get cracking and have some feedback from my readers.

Wow, so much going on… I started creating a family tree on  My grandmother gave me some family history years ago.  Of course, everything remains in Italy, in storage.  So I’m starting from scratch. 

Based on my own curiosity and lack of knowledge, really, about where my family originated, I started the search.  I could be wrong but, with some sense of confidence, I can say that the majority of African-Americans in this country can trace their roots only as far back as their great-grandparents and/or to another state.  The Irish, Italians, Cubans, Portuguese, Polish, Mexicans, Germans, etc. have a clearly identified country of origin to say where their ancestor ‘X’ came from.  We – African-Americans – have a continent.  Some people don’t even know Africa is a continent!  Despite learning in school, some think it’s a country.

Well, having a Nigerian husband makes me want to know more.  The majority of our ancestors are thought to be from Nigeria, but it could be Ghana or elsewhere.  I’m curious to see how far back I can trace it.  I want to be able to answer the question of my European friends when they ask ‘Where are you from?’ with something beyond Detroit, Michigan.  And if they inquire further ‘No, I mean, originally,‘ I can have something more substantive than Pineapple, Alabama on my grandmother’s side.

What else?  Oh, the fact that I’m awake at 4…oh, now 5:21a.m. because I have such severe pain that it prohibits me from sleep.  Can I get a diagnosis, please?  I went through emergency 2 weeks ago with pain in my neck, my chest, my shoulder, under my shoulder-blade, on the left of my center spine, into my left arm, under my left arm, close to my elbow at 2 points, down my arm into my third finger.  It started with pain in my chest but graduated into throbbing pain at my pulse points in all these locations and radiating pain into my arm.  Also, I had strong muscle spasms in my back and arm in unison.  There is no position comfortable enough to stop the aching.  As I sit here now, propped up on a pillow, the spot where my back touches the pillow aches.  If I make a wrong move, my arm either twitches or starts tingling.  I cannot isolate one location.  It hurts all over and I find it gets even more excruciating if I feel a draught of cold on my skin.  After three weeks now, I have muscle weakness in my left arm along with the varying degrees of pain.  Just when I think it feels better, it starts all over again.

So the doctors said it was tendonitis.  Does that sound like tendonitis?  In my back, my neck and my chest??  I wasn’t even given an X-ray or anything.  So, I went online searching for what it could really be: a pinched nerve? MS? Fibromyalgia?  I hope it’s just a nerve.  I hope it goes away.

Meanwhile, my short-term prescriptions for prednisone and hydrocodone have finished and today, I will see how I make it through the day drug free.  It’s 5:40 am… and counting…

 Ok, let’s review: Jordis is walking.  I have recipes.  I have pain.  I have ancestors.  I need more blog time.

Can’t think of anything else now.  The last pill must be kicking in.  It’s 6:04 a.m.  I think I’ll try to get some shut-eye this last hour before Jordis starts her baby work day.  She punches in about 7:30 a.m., you know and does a 12 hour shift with an irregular 2 hour nap from noon till 2 p.m.  Right now, noon is so far, far away…


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