Gift baskets, English lessons and Desktop Publishing (at home)

It’s a new year, Jordis will be 1 year old and it’s time to think about returning to work.  Like everyone else, trying to make ends meet while living on one income is a MAJOR struggle for us…especially my husband.  I really am not ready to go back to the office all day every day.  I want to maintain my sense of freedom, but also assist in sustaining our family.  Now more than ever is the time to think of ways to bring in some income without sacrificing the love, security and care of my daughter.

After brainstorming in the wee hours – as usual – I came back to ideas of creative writing and other hustles I used to do years ago such as making decorative gift baskets for house-warmings, weddings, baby showers and ‘just because’/friendships.  My themes were based on colors or characters or functions.  For example, a housewarming gift for a newlywed couple might include wine (or champagne) and 2 glasses, chocolates, bubble bath, aromatherapy oil, bath cloths and towels, candy in shimmering paper, a photo frame, a personalized greeting card (also what I will be doing as part of the Desktop Publishing angle), etc., etc.  I have so many ideas and I have had success in the past that gives me confidence that this is something I can do today.

In other news, we are entering a busy season searching for a home of our own AND simultaneously trying to get our business ideas off the ground.  We’re inquiring about funding from the Small Business Association, but at the same time talking with friends first who are really go-getters about business.  The day-to-day must also be managed: car repairs, bills, preparing for tax season, doctor visits, dentist and eye exam appointments.  And then there’s Jordis…

Meanwhile, I’m collecting ideas, baskets and boxes for the gift-making side and I’m also working on business cards and flyers for advertisements.  I plan to have something ready to put out by this weekend.  (I hope!) I haven’t narrowed down the logo yet, but I want to print my own cards and things.  The desktop publishing business is something that will have to grow with time because I need to be focused on one idea at a time to get started.  There’s also printers to look at.  Thank goodness for my background in the corporate office!  As a secretary and administrative assistant for some 14 years, I had to work like I had 8 arms and six legs!  Looks like that training will come in handy even more so now if this is to be.

Well, I just recommend to anyone who has the desire to do some work at home to try to think of your own ideas before you get caught up in some internet scheme.  It’s so hard to know who is legitimate and often when you do find a possibility, it requires paying for start-up or security clearance or computer equipment that you might not have.

Think of what you truly love to do and look at how you might make money doing it.  This is the time when the economy is bad and good employment has been hard to find.  It’s an opportunity to create your own dream job!!  I love the idea of doing data entry all day because I love typing and creating my own greetings cards would be a childhood dream come true because I love to write!  I love color and prettiness and decorating and creativity so the gift baskets were and will be so easy to put together.

I know I need to focus on one thing at a time, but I could also do some English tutoring since it was a job I embraced for almost three years in Italy.  Meeting new people and discovering their world through interaction and conversation was quite fulfilling for me so I won’t close the door on that option either.  Why not just try to do it all and see which has the greater success and then let that become the focus?

At the moment, Jordis has been sleep for at least 30 minutes and that’s a half hour I won’t get back so I need to say Ciao! and take a nap.

~~ Jordis’ mom


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46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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