Where Have I Been?

I just had opportunity to look up my own website today as I was visiting with a sister/friend and saw how LONGGGGGGGGGGG it has been since I’ve written.  Terrible, because this is the way I stay sane – getting the disquieting thoughts out of my head and onto a page or just telling you about something wonderful in my day.

Well, today is that day.  Something wonderful has occurred.  Though it didn’t seem ‘wonderful’ when I found out about it or during the long months that I had to endure its effects, the end result was so special.

We have a new page to add to the blog, a new baby in the family – a son named Jonah.  He is every bit as beautiful as his big sister, but gave me so much more drama and tribulation during the pregnancy.  Did I complain about nausea? cramps? heartburn? aching back? sleepless nights?  no epidural during delivery???  Multiply that times 1000!!!  I am so so so so glad that Jonah completes our family circle because now my nightmarish recanting of the pregnancy/delivery story can end with: but thankfully, I will never have to experience it again EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say that during labor, as I was in the midst of getting an epidural (which by the way, did not work and only numbed my right leg from hip to knee!!) my contractions increased and I jumped from 7 to 10 in dilation immediately.  Two months to-the-day after delivery, I am still feeling the pain.  Insert comment: ‘but thankfully, I will never have to experience it again EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, I love saying that!

Meanwhile, though I have become once again the house milking cow, I have the pleasure of looking into the eyes of this gorgeous little person all day, every day.  He’s truly like some prized dessert that you just want to keep all to yourself and eat up!  He’s the treat you keep in the kitchen after you’ve put all the fixings out for guests.  In fact, you don’t want to eat it, you want to put it in a display case and save it because it’s just too special to devour! Is there any wonder that I call him Peanut?  Since I call Jordis, Butter, this has the makings of a national favorite – which I happen to be eating at this moment – PB&J!  I don’t have the jelly, but taking care of two babies in diapers at the age of 41, what’s holding this ‘sandwich’ together is Faith.  Couldn’t survive one hour without it.

Well, here I am at my sister/friend’s house, as I said, and Jordis is with me but little Jonah is home with Daddy.  I’m frightened to know how that is going.  I had to bargain my way out the door just to get a moment off-duty…but still, I have Jordis.  I tried to leave both with him, but I imagined someone (not the baby) would end up running out of the house and down the street screaming…

I’m working on creating a website for my husband to start his tailoring and custom shirt design business, Michael Iji Fashion International.  He does designing, sewing, tailoring and alterations on most types of clothing as well as creating custom-made upholstery covers for furniture.  I still have to print business cards and do some other advertising, but we’re hoping this will be a successful year for both of us in our creative endeavors.

My goal continues to be successfully making income at home while caring for the kids.  We have so much activity planned for the year that it just will not be possible if I am working 9 to 5 once again.

Anyway, time is getting away from me.  I will have to update with photos later this week.  Can’t wait to get back into the groove of writing again.  I feel so inspired…mostly because I’m using a computer that actually works as it should, not my old dinosaur.  One day, one day…

Ciao tutti!!

our little prince


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46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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