Being an Older Mom

I was just reading this blog at MSN about the advantages of being an older mom. I had my daughter four months before I turned 40 and had my son this past November, just shy of 42. If I had gotten married and had children back in my twenties when I thought I would, I never would have enjoyed the life and freedom I did: travelling where I wanted when I wanted; trips to Jamaica, Austria, Hungary; three years living in Italy; buying a home, getting out of debt, publishing a book, making mistakes and learning life lessons… Not only have I done more than friends my age, I’ve done more and forgotten half of what most people probably never even dream about – period. I have no regrets for what I ‘could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done’… I did it and now I will not be afraid to let my children live their lives, knowing what possibilities lie before them. I learned that no dream is too big or unrealistic to achieve. I am grateful that my dreams were so much bigger than selfish desires. By reaching out for selfless goals, I taught, helped, encouraged and inspired others. I have nothing but joy when meditating on past accomplishments…as I presently am now immersed in “What’s that?” questions, spilled milk and poo poo diapers. No matter what the future brings, I’ll always have Italy.


About bologna2bethlehem

46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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One Response to Being an Older Mom

  1. Bethany says:

    You’ll have a lot of life experience to share with your kids as well! Time flies, so soak up all the time you have with your little ones. We are realizing how quick our girls are growing & changing. Glad you are blogging!!


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