Another Titanic?

April 14, ’12 – Why did they remake the Titanic?  Is it a movie or a TV series?  Just briefly watching something on the tube this evening and noticed the current date.  All the while, I’m looking for the updated characters of Jack and Rose, but I don’t think they were onboard the ship this time.  Same ending, though.  Tragic.  It’s something that has haunted me since I saw the Winslet/DiCaprio version years ago in the theater.  I and my friends left crying.  We’d just lost someone we all loved very deeply and this was the first time we’d stepped out to have a good time since his death.  What a mistake.  I vowed never to watch film again.  Too many similarities…well, in words not in actions.  No drowning, no ship, no selfish people sitting back watching as hundreds of their shipmates die.  If it had just been a regular movie, I’d have gotten over it by now.  The fact that it really happened and all those people really died unnecessarily while just a few survived – I hate that kind of reality.  Celine Dion didn’t help either with such a heartwrenching theme song.  I don’t even know why I’m up at this hour writing about it.

So many rotten things happen in our society still today.  I am moved to tears when neighbors stand up for one another like on the show What Would You Do?  We’d like to think someone would be there for us if we were in trouble.  Not always so, but so moving when you see it happen.  There is still some redemptive value in humanity.

On that note, ci vediamo domani. Buona notte.


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46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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