Power Trip

Our trip ‘up north’ went so fast we almost missed it ourselves.  We enjoyed seeing everyone that we were able to visit in 10 days.  It was a disappointment for me that I had to cut the journey short – originally expecting and preparing to stay for a month.
Still, we were able to get short notice rooming and attend all three days of the convention in Toledo, OH and later also spend the night with friends, both coming and going.  Really wanted to take Jordis to the Toledo Zoo, but maybe next time.
Because of the limited time, we lost opportunity to visit with all we had intended.  We condensed all of our plans after the convention into only five days and then in dizzying fashion, we were on the road again.
But what we were able to accomplish (i.e. Michael picking up half a boatload material at Haberman’s and a friend’s instead paying shipping costs, along with three new sewing jobs) and those we were able to see, we fully enjoyed.
I had planned a month of leisurely writing to complete a manuscript (never typed a single word) and a month of super service (never counted even one hour),  That’s the way it goes.  So we arrived back in NC, exhausted and in need of vacation.
I’m not one for long-distance road trips, but it was nice to visit and see familiar faces.  Especially wonderful were the 7 bottles of Vernor’s we brought home.  Ah, nothing like it anywhere.  Should have had more.  We’re down to the last two after only a month.  Next time we’ll double that order.

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46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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