Leaving Hickory

Jordis and Celeste

We’ve been missing our friends in Hickory since we moved in late September and were so elated to have visitors over the long holiday weekend. Our good friend Tyler and his daughter Celeste (a fantastic artist) came on Saturday and we all had a ball. Celeste transformed our living room into a fortress where she and Jordis played non-stop for many hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Jonah was right behind them attempting to follow every step they took. Both girls slept like logs on Saturday night after a super charged day of play.

Jonah, of course, played bumper cars in his sleep due to teething and gave me very few moments of peace. Besides him was the cleaning and cooking, so it was nearly non-stop business and I didn’t get much rest at all. Still, enjoyed the weekend immensely and will do it again!

We enjoyed dinner, breakfast and a light lunch together between those two days with lots of conversation and laughter mixed in. It was so heartwarming and encouraging for every one of us. All too soon, Sunday afternoon arrived and it was time to say ‘goodbye.’ Hugs and kisses and pouting lips ended our fun weekend.

Jordis didn’t want to sleep in her room after we got home because she was saving it for visitors. We haven’t convinced her to sleep in there again since it was changed around and now we have to wean her out of our room again. At least she’s sleeping in Jonah’s crib in our room, but not our bed. That’s a step in the right direction. Now to get her back in her own bedroom…!

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to another weekend of company. Some friends from Cary will come over on Saturday to spend the afternoon with us. This will be our third weekend of entertaining this month and then I must rest! I have lots of projects and writing to accomplish and very little time to dedicate to it.

We’ve also been enjoying meeting our new neighbors in the community and getting to know their spiritual interests and needs. I met a young, deaf girl last Saturday and had a pleasant, though brief interchange with her. My sign language skills are limited to a handful of nouns and adjectives (like happy, sunshine, friends, mother, beautiful), Thank You and the alphabet. Still, I was able to communicate enough to let her know I was pleased to meet her and would see her again with someone who spoke (in sign) better than me. What a joyful day that was! I was feeling like my old self again! Hope it continues even as the weather changes to cold, dark and dreary. Don’t want to lose my joy!!


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2 Responses to Leaving Hickory

  1. Hi! We miss you all!! Glad you were able to connect with some Hickory friends. You have to post an updated picture of the kids…..miss my baby boy!

    Love ~ Bethany Rissell & Family


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