Must Find a Way to ‘Sustain my Art’

I am inspired once again…. I have been told by dozens upon dozens of people over my lifetime that I was a talented or gifted writer. I have done all types of writing: soliloquies and multi-scene plays, novels (unpublished), spoken word, commercials, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, thank you cards, personal letters, letters of complaint, business letters, invitations to visit foreign countries, grant applications, company policy, company SOP’s, obituaries, songs, living wills, notices to quit (evictions), letters of resignation, advertisements, school applications, letters of authorization and more. Unfortunately, I have never had the time in life, meaning the freedom, to focus on any of these areas as a means of regular income. I have always had to maintain a day job and do what I really love in the shadows. Recently, I applied – again – for a writer’s grant. I really thought I had a chance this time because I felt my application was the best I had ever written. It was honest, sincere and engaging. Still, I do hope it brought smiles to the faces of its readers. The jury panel that judged the applications wrote feedback that was shared with me (in the rejection letter – boo hoo!) and I felt so good and so sad at the same time. Here is what is said: ~~~~~ “We invited past award winners to assist in evaluating portfolios, and each application was reviewed by at least two jurors. As always, we focused on the quality of the submitted portfolios. From a pool of applicants whose work was judged as excellent, we then narrowed the field, considering the many facets you so carefully presented in your applications. Although we are not able to fund your application, we want you to know that we are inspired by your commitment to your craft and by the sacrifices you’re making to pursue it. Our jurors are invited to provide feedback about the applications they review. We wanted to share the following: — “I enjoyed the detailed sense of place created in your work.” “I was impressed with the material from Rema/Late Expectations, in particular. You’re a writer of great potential.” ” Tony and Caroline Grant The Sustainable Arts Foundation ~~~~~ What do I do with this information? Was my application among those deemed as ‘excellent’? Have I inspired published authors with my words? Do I really have ‘great potential’? Out of all this, what gave me an emotional pull was that one juror ‘enjoyed the detailed sense of place’ in my work. Probably twenty years ago, I submitted a manuscript to an agent and the feedback that I received said that though I knew the details of the events – the sights, sounds and smells – the reader did not. It was my job to paint a picture for them with words. I needed to work on drawing them into that memory and having them see, feel and hear what I did. I am hoping that this is what I have accomplished now with time, age and greater wisdom and skill. So, now, it is back to work for me. The day job. Again. But, I have been given such a great gift – a boost of confidence that what I have to say is worthy enough to be heard. I have already accomplished the goal I set out to and explained in that grant application: I want to inspire people to feel, to change, to act. So the jurors were impressed with my work. They enjoyed the details. I’m good with that.


About bologna2bethlehem

46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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2 Responses to Must Find a Way to ‘Sustain my Art’

  1. Johnc969 says:

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks! acedddbdeded


  2. Johnb10 says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this post.Thanks Again. Really Great. kabkdgddccfa


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