FEDEX Small Business Grant Contest Strikes Again!

So what have I been doing the last year? Doing the 9-5 or longer and just trying to survive. Shake ups happening at work this month has led me to start my own business – #It’s So Personal! Professional Services, freelance admin and much, much more. Joining forces with my husband to give a concerted effort to a lifestyle change. Meaning we both are fed up with the struggle and just want to be out of debt and have our bills paid, and MAYBE get one vacation a year, if….

Is that so much to ask?

Support It’s So Personal! and Michael Iji as we go for the 5th annual FedEx small business grant, contest happening now!!! Just click and show us your support-

We have been impeded from progress by lack of advertising dollars and supply purchases – we have demand but lack ample supply and sufficient marketing. Our winning a grant from FedEx will have impact far beyond just ourselves, as we will 1) boost local printing, shipping and graphic design businesses by using their services; 2) employ at least two disadvantaged persons who have exceptional skill but lack opportunities and 3) share as we grow, continuing in our current weekly community services.

This IS us!


About bologna2bethlehem

46 year old blogger/writer/poet/mother of two, missing Italy heart and soul...2017 still.
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