About B2B

Our wedding day

Why Bologna2Bethlehem?  Bologna2bethlehem began as a reflection on my journey from the U.S. to Italy and back again.  I have had the great privilege to leave my home country to visit several lands abroad and land in picturesque Italy for a few years.  Many times I have shared my travels and experiences through letters, phone calls and emails. Now, this is my chance to find a home for my expressions and to share some points of interests with my readers.

I’m married to Michael, mom to Jordis…the first for almost 2 years now; the second, for 7 months and counting…

In February 2007, I gave up my life in the U.S. and moved to Italy where I thought I’d be living for the rest of my days.  I sold most of my earthly possessions, gave away the rest and went overseas.  I found a job, an apartment and secured my necessary documents in a very short time.  I settled into the Italian life with peace and contentment.  Tick-tock, tick-tock….

Yet, here I am, back in the U.S. again, married with a baby and starting from scratch.  Every day is another opportunity to learn something new.  We must never stop learning.  We must never stop asking why?  I still have hope of returning to Italy, but for now, I live here in Bethlehem.  It is quite a beautiful place on its own.  It will never replace Italy in my heart, mind or memory, but I’m truly learning to love it.

~~ Jordis’ mom